Rock Salt and Driftwood

Rock Salt and Driftwood


Refreshing notes of seaweed and green algae in rock pools on fresh coastal breezes start this captivating floral marine scent. Hints of cyclamen and water lily precede base notes of sparkling salt crusted driftwood warmed by amber, patchouli and musk.


Available in all of our  3 sizes:


Tealights -  £2.00 for a pack of 2 pure soy wax tealights - each one burning for around 4 hours and ideal for use in our tea light holders and for sampling fragrances.


Mini Luxury - £6.50 for a 9cl pure soy way candle -  burns for approximately 15-18 hours, ideal for the smaller room, or for when you want a range of sumptuous fragrances.


Luxury - £20.00 - Our premium 30cl pure soy wax candle incorporating our two wick design and individually hand packaged. It will burn for approximately 30-35 hours, providing an immersive scent in an entire room.