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When my website designer asked me for a section about me, I thought where do I start, I mean, I’m just me and I like, no, am passionate about making distinctive candles.


My husband and I have been married for 28 years and we have two teenage children, one happy and loving dog and a cat who lets us reside in her house in Hertfordshire. I like breezy summer days, crisp, cold and sunny mornings, spring flowers, watching movies, food, wine and chocolate (who doesn't really?!) I also love ducks and blossom trees.

About me

I haven't always lived in Hertfordshire, I was brought up in the north east, Billingham to be exact, near Middlesbrough and am very proud of being from the north east of England. I am down to earth and speak my mind, a northern trait I think, possibly not always a good one!!


Having devoted the last 18 years to looking after children, home, husband, pets, etc, I was looking for a new and interesting challenge for when our eldest goes off to university.  Having always had an interest in essential oils, their benefits for our wellbeing and a love of good quality candles, Handmade by Lisa was born.

I had no idea about different waxes, wicks or fragrances when I embarked on this candle making road.... so I researched, tested, did more research and discovered it wasn't as easy as I thought. I persevered though (another northern trait!) and have created hand made quality candles that you will want to have in your home too. Aromas can make such a difference to your mood, peppermint is uplifting whilst geranium is balancing for moods and lavender is calming. Some scents may bring back memories of beach holidays like the Rock salt and driftwood scent or a few days in Paris like Parisienne Spring.


At some point soon I will be embarking along the road of bath and body products and lip balm, so many roads to travel, not enough time ................... watch this space.

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